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Buy Phenergan Online




Buy Phenergan Online

 Buy Phenergan tablets online from our UK registered online pharmacy.

Phenergan tablets contain the antihistamine Promethazine, and this will be  to treat a variety of ailments, including and others

Hay fever or other allergies
for short term relief of sleep disturbances
for red itchy rashes and skin conditions
Travel Sickness
relief from nausea for people that don’t travel well!

How to take Phenergan

This will depends on what you’re using Phenergan for, the dosage varies

more to that your dose will depends on the responses, but this could be done consistent with the patient information or on your doctor’s advice.

Below may be a summary of the foremost common uses of Phenergan and therefore the corresponding dosages.

When taken for Insomnia, the standard dose of Phenergan is 25mg  and will be taken ONCE daily more to that you ought to take this around one hour before bedtime.

Phenergan is meant for brief term use only, so if your symptoms continue to an extend for 3 nights,you will need to see you doctor..

Hay Fever

For you taking Phenergan for hayfever  use the 10mg tablet, and this is taken 2-3 times daily counting on symptom control.

Many hayfever patients sufferer from prefer non-drowsy, anti-histamines , as these are less likely to impact your alert during the day.

These include Cetirizine and Loratadine.

Travel Sickness
25mg of Phenergan will be situable to be taken when you wanna travel to prevent travel sickness

this provides  drug enough time to be absorb into your system and obtain to work! Promethazine are often very effective in reducing nausea felt in those travelling by land, air or sea….


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